« Marche Képi Blanc » in Normandy.

From 3 till 4 of June, young volunteers of the section of warrant officer Moal of the 3rd company of the 4th Regiment of the Foreign Legion performed the initial training exercise on landing beaches in Normandy.

The traditional training exercise called "marche Képi Blanc" occurs traditionnaly at the end of the first month of initial  training period of the legionaries in Castelnaudary (closed to Toulouse)  It's followed for those who succeed by the official delivering ceremony when the young legionnaires bear the Képi Blanc for the first time.

That the reason why this event is very important for all young legionnaires.

At the instigation of captain Potel, commanding officer the 3rd company of volunteers, this training exercise took place on the famous landing beaches of june 1944 the 68th anniversary of which has been celebrated on June 6th, 2012.

For two days long, 38  volunteers of the section of warrant officer Moal went through 70 km by foot with bags and weapons, (30 kilos ) crossing all the high places of the landing areas: from Sword to Utah Beach. Among them, not less than 25 nationalities were represented and all of the volunteers succeeded during at the end this first test of their legionaire's lives. 

The section counted in its ranks  american, british and german guys. All of them are now convinced of the deep sense of the foreign legion motto:  LEGIO PATRIA NOSTRA (the Legion is our homeland).

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