The 4th Regiment of the Legion seizes « Pegasus Bridge »

From 6 till 9 June 2012, the company of instruction of the NCOs of the 4th foreign Regiment of Castelnaudary performed a tactical exercise in Normandy on a very famous location: "Pegasus Bridge".

The young future corporals of the FGE and their elder brothers future NCOs participated in a life-size exercise. At instigation of their commanding officer captain Darthoux at the origin of this atypical exercise, not less than 150 legionaires have been committed in order to apply the tactical skills in a very singular environment.

Intended to awaken the historic curiosity of the legionaires and both confronting them with a tactical problem of their levels, this activity required the constitution of several files of exercises integrating in particular the original orders and maps of the 6th British airborne brigade in 1944.

After a phase of infiltration in dinghy, the company had for mission to seize the same objectives as those assigned to the British paratroopers and then took into account concretely their difficulties with which these last ones had been confronted.

The exercise also was the opportunity for the legionaires to discover the house Gondrée. First French house freed by the allies, this with a ruddy complexion café became since 1944 a place of remembrance for the British veterans. Mrs Gondrée personally told to the legionaires the events such as she had lived them being a child at night from 5 till 6 June 1944.

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