Joint Warfare Centre at Institution of the Disabled persons

On September 12th, 2012, the Foreign Legion welcomed within the Institution of the disabled persons of the Legion to Puyloubier, a delegation of Joint Warfare Centre based in Norway A delegation consisted of 75 generals, superior officers and staff civil of the NATO from various nationalities came to discover "men's system" of the Foreign Legion. The recruitment to the Legion, the human resource and its diversity as well as the human experience acquired in this domain, such were the subjects approached by general Christophe de ...

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From 9th to 12th of July, troops of the french foreign Légion are training in Satory, close to Versailles, for the national marching parade in Paris the 14th of July. Traditionnaly the pionneers and the musicians of the foreign Legion participate each year to the marching parade in Paris on the famous Champs-Elysees avenue. This year their comrades of the 2nd former regiment located in Nîmes closed to Marseille and commanded by colonel Hervé Fouilland will have the great honour to take part to the national military event. For ...

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Parade to the Senate

The traditional parade to the Senate of the Foreign Legion will take place on Friday, July 13th, 2012 at 11:00 am in the gardens of the Luxembourg in Paris. Chaired by Mr. Jean-Pierre Bel President of the Senate, it will be placed under the authority of general Bruno Dary, Commanding officer of Paris. It will bring together, in addition to the pioneers and the Music of the Foreign Legion, a detachment consisting of the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment of Nimes commanded by Colonel Hervé Fouilland. Exceptionally, it will be marked this ...

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The Solidaire of the Foreign Legion

From Sunday,24th till Tuesday, June 26th will take place the traditional running the Solidaire of the Foreign Legion. Event cyclist charitable the idea of which was by Captain Joffredo, assistant upper officer of the 4th Foreign Regiment in 2010.It has for object to collect funds for the benefit of the Institution of the Disabled persons of the Foreign Legion. Two edition is already unwound,in June ,2010 between the Domain of Captain Danjou and Valloire in Savoy,then in June,2011 of yhe walk of the English people in Nice in the Domain of ...

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Blood donation of the 1st Régiment étranger during the World

June 14, 15th and 16th took place the Days World of the Blood donation in Marseille in witch 12 legionaries of the 1st Regiment étranger were involved giving blood. The French Establishment of the Blood (EFS) organised in Marseille the World Days of the Blood donation. Twelve legionaries of Aubagne volunteered to donate their blood. In France more than a million patients need blood product or by-products some blood. These legionaries watch so the attachment in the charitable works with movements as the blood donation. For private first class ...

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The 4th Regiment of the Legion seizes « Pegasus Bridge »

From 6 till 9 June 2012, the company of instruction of the NCOs of the 4th foreign Regiment of Castelnaudary performed a tactical exercise in Normandy on a very famous location: "Pegasus Bridge". The young future corporals of the FGE and their elder brothers future NCOs participated in a life-size exercise. At instigation of their commanding officer captain Darthoux at the origin of this atypical exercise, not less than 150 legionaires have been committed in order to apply the tactical skills in a very singular environment. Intended to awaken ...

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« Marche Képi Blanc » in Normandy.

From 3 till 4 of June, young volunteers of the section of warrant officer Moal of the 3rd company of the 4th Regiment of the Foreign Legion performed the initial training exercise on landing beaches in Normandy. The traditional training exercise called "marche Képi Blanc" occurs traditionnaly at the end of the first month of initial  training period of the legionaries in Castelnaudary (closed to Toulouse)  It's followed for those who succeed by the official delivering ceremony when the young legionnaires bear the Képi ...

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Military funeral honors to the private 1st class Vinkovic

The 2nd REP pay tribute to the legionnaire private 1st class Ivan Vinkovic, in the camp Raffali in the morning of Wednesday May 16th 2012 The ceremony was chaired by brigadier Christophe de Saint Chamas, commander the french foreign legion, assisted by sirs Ange Santini, mayor of Calvi and Stéphane Donnot, sub-prefect of the district of Calvi. This tribute was preceded by a religious ceremony at 8:15 am in the chapel of the camp. On Friday, May 11th, 2012 late in the afternoon, within the framework of a strategic training ...

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Success in the meeting for the Day of solidarity

On Sunday, May 13th, 2012, the 27th Infantry brigade of Mountain (IBM) organised the second edition of its day of solidarity for the benefit of the wounded persons of the land forces. On Sunday, May 13th, 2012, the 27th IBM organised at the stadium Lesdiguières of Grenoble its second edition of solidarity for its wounded persons. Unity of assault of the Brigade, the 2nd REG participated actively in the success of this event. Various animations as tournaments of children rugby or of the beach rugby as well as the displays ...

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