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Blood donation of the 1st Régiment étranger during the World

June 14, 15th and 16th took place the Days World of the Blood donation in Marseille in witch 12 legionaries of the 1st Regiment étranger were involved giving blood.

The French Establishment of the Blood (EFS) organised in Marseille the World Days of the Blood donation. Twelve legionaries of Aubagne volunteered to donate their blood. In France more than a million patients need blood product or by-products some blood.

These legionaries watch so the attachment in the charitable works with movements as the blood donation.

For private first class Tabanu (computer graphic designer in the KB) to make act of public-spiritedness by giving its blood is important. It makes left the duty of the legionary. 

The legionaries give on average three-four times a year their blood.

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